A downloadable lost faith for Windows

Lost Faith is story about group of friend have fun with their life. But there always imposter and enemies attack them. At same time inside the group there have a lot of scenario for fighting to betraying own friend. After long way they start to lost their faith on everyone. Someone have to find the truth and end it!

the main character of Lost Faith

Lost Faith : Last Dairy is main event future You or Zahir have to help Mqrsh Squad find their friend or leader back with solving, find and fight for the secret.
At same time discover secret story of other characterAniq

the main character of Lost Faith

And learn what happen to them or seek deep into darkness of their past!

Take every chance of choice for knowing some secret and story, It can lead to good or bad decision!

Secret are everywhere! learn all of it and understand the reason behind it!

60 % story in the game is real conversation through the internet (Chat conversation) base on experience 

i'm faeiz 16 y/o have dream making story and games... And now it here... My family have problem so i'm making this as study/work... But enjoy the game.  only thing i want is people read and understand my artwork and story freely. 

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Install instructions

1. Download the file zip from mediafire

2.Extract the file from zip

3.Open the file

4.Click on application icon

5.Enjoy the reading